FAQ’s for Tenants

FAQs / FAQ’s for Tenants

You pay the invoice the same way you pay your rent using your unique Bpay number issued to you at key handover.

You can email your property manager, details supplied when you did the key handover. Or you can lodge a maintenance request through Corporate City website.

Corporate City property managers work from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Email the property manager your maintenance request and they will attend to the issue the next working day.

If in the event it is an emergency, call the office number and it will divert to the staff member on call. Please note ONLY emergencies will be dealt with after hours, fire, flood loss of all power. Leave your name, phone number, what property you are from and details and a staff member will call you back.

If afterhours you will need to call a locksmith. If during working hours you can use our office set of keys, but must return the keys prior to close of business.

Each property will have its own fuse box within the apartment, please check your fuse box to see if a RCD’s has tripped. You will notice that most switches will be facing one way (on position) and you might have one facing the opposite way (off position). Flick the switch back so that it is facing the same way as all the other switches. If it flicks off again, unplug your appliances and then plug one appliance in one at a time, flick the switch back to on position. If you have a faulty appliance the switch will keep flicking off. Unplug this appliance and report to property manager if the appliance came with the apartment.

The most common cause of this is toasters, hair dryers and kettles.

Have you checked the setting on the remote? This is done by pushing the ‘mode’  button on the remote.

Most apartments have one condenser unit which operates the different units within the apartment, therefore all units within the apartment need be set to the same setting. E.g you cannot have one on heat and one on cold, this means you are sending conflicting messages to the condenser unit. Check to ensure all remotes are set to the same setting.

Most apartments will have a safety switch on the wall for the hotplate in your apartment. The switch is usually located on the wall near the splashback and will be located on the double power point on the wall. Please ensure this is in the on position.

If during office hours take a photo of the offending car and email through to the property manager who can then arrange to have the car clamped, if clamping available within the building.